2016 tissues

The Made-in-Tuscany tradition finds new declinations and embraces new horizons

The passion of Opifici Casentinesi for the Casentino Fabric finds expression in the constant search for new interpretations that make it contemporary, eternal.
Our MISSION is to experiment with, to dare, to innovate this historical fabric, being conscious of the fact that we have a unique material in our hands, a material that is highly evocative of its fortuitous and lucky birth.
In order to respect and nourish its strong Tuscan personality as well as to make it current, an indefatigable search for functionality and style is necessary, a search that complies with the canons certified by the ‘Puro panno Casentino’ (Pure Casentino Fabric) consortium.
An activity that requires reinterpretation and innovation, evolution without revolution and optimisation without distortion, which turns OC into a technological incubator aimed at internationalising this piece of Italian excellence.
An activity that tells the story of a PDO product through a trendsetting brand.
This is how Opifici Casentinesi products are born: garments that project the Casentino Fabric onto a metropolitan dimension, but without corrupting its soul.

The revolutionary innovation of the new fabrics by OC

The coats and outerwear of this new collection preserve the DNA of the historical Casentino fabric but become softer and lighter, acquire chromatic depth thanks to selected mélange, are enriched by new vibrating colours and are ‘dressed’ with completely new designs like a maxy check.
The traditional processing techniques that make the Casentino Fabric unique in the world remain unaltered: what do change are the weights, colours, but mainly the design, which interpreting the requirements and the functionality of ever more contemporary garments, give life to a real lifestyle.
A must of the 2016-17 collection by Opifici Casentinesi is represented by the Pure HEAVY Casentino Fabric (620 g/LM), which is robust and soft with respect to the rougher historical fabric (640 g/LM) and the Pure MIDDLE Casentino Fabric (480 g/LM) for more wrap-around, contemporary and feminine products.
The result of our revolution, thoughtful of maximum functionality, is the Pure LIGHT Casentino Fabric, featuring 390 g/m: a weight that had never been obtained so far, which is astonishing because it has been achieved in compliance with the canons certified by the consortium that protects the Pure Casentino Fabric.
Its exceptional lightness opens up a new route for manufacturing new products suitable for spring and autumn weather: light jackets, spring blousons, as well as soft accessories such as handbags and cushions. Creations made of a fabric that, in spite of shouldering half century of history, is still able to surprise.
Innovative among the innovations, the Pure LIGHT FLAT Casentino Fabric (390 g/LM) not only features the peculiar lightness of the LIGHT fabric described above, but also gives an original, vitreous and avant-gardist image to pants and accessories. An image obtained thanks to a modern pressing treatment that only over time reveals the historical curl, an unavoidable value in its DNA.
The precious flagship of this collection is the Pure DOUBLE ONE Casentino Fabric (750 g/LM): the ideal material to create unmatched luxury goods. Robust but light, this fabric is obtained by putting together two fabrics during the weaving phase, which gives life to unique, precious unlined garments characterised by impeccable finishes and by almost invisible seams made by hand: maximum interpretation of our lifestyle and showcase of unrivalled sartorial excellence, completely Made in Italy.
Knowing tradition, reawakening passion, innovating culture with style.

By means of articles of clothing made of Casentino fabric for men and women, Opifici Casentinesi reinterprets the century-old tradition of this fabric. Our plan is to transform the Casentino fabric into the protagonist of a new, contemporary and metropolitan history.


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