Casentino fabric

The Casentino fabric tells the history of a territory.
When our hands slide over the characteristic curl, they are touching a piece of history of Italian craftwork.
Each hem, each single seam brings us back to a tradition that fades away in the centuries.

Manufacturing a Casentino coat is like feeling that the entire valley of this area participates in the creation of such coat. And it’s really like that, because that land, that water and that wind represent, on a par with wool, the raw material of the characteristic Casentino fabric.

For more than 800 years, skilful hands have worked the wool, from the grazing lands on the top of hills to the workshops of wool merchants and the houses of spinstresses and weavers, following the flow of the Archiano river.

Today, guided by expert hands, state-of-the-art machinery is used in wool mills; however, the phases to manufacture the Casentino fabric are the same ones as before, from weaving to dyeing. And one particular phase gives to the wool the characteristic that makes the Casentino fabric recognisable everywhere in the world: the soft curl that is obtained from “napping”.
Ancient crafts, machines operated by water, expert movements…
The Casentino fabric tells all this and so much more.

Like the anecdote of a lucky mistake: the one that created the most characteristic colour of the Casentino wool: goose beak orange.
Just like you hear! The historical orange colour of the Casentino fabric, which today represents an assertion of style, should have been red. But chemistry had other plans. And it is also due to chemistry that we are madly in love with the Casentino orange, which is recurrent in the OC brand, in the tiniest details.
We could tell you a lot more about the Casentino fabric, but, as regards our love, our passion and our history, we let our sartorial creations speak for us

By means of articles of clothing made of Casentino fabric for men and women, Opifici Casentinesi reinterprets the century-old tradition of this fabric. Our plan is to transform the Casentino fabric into the protagonist of a new, contemporary and metropolitan history.


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