2017 Colours

The colours of the 2017 collection: the innovation of an ancient story

The colours of the 2017 collection tell in a clear manner the story of the mission of Opifici Casentinesi: innovate without ever forgetting the tradition of the Casentino fabric and its long history. Its traditional tones are combined with new proposals. The result is a palette of authentic colours that generate positive emotions for those who wear and admire the garments.

The Casentino Orange and the Casentino Green symbolize the history of the Casentino fabric and transmit an entirely Italian, more specifically Tuscan, thousand-year culture to the whole world.

Women’s Collection

The mix of White and Black gives life to a color that is unique, irrevocable, chic and soft to the touch: the Snow Melange, the dominant variant in the women’s collection that evolves to interplay with the geometries of another variant, the Casentino Check.

The tones are refined and flirt with the latest trends, they illuminate as soon as they come into contact with the brightest Violet Orchid that emerges in its luxurious and conveys light and freshness to the entire women’s collection.

Men’s Collection

A rich chromatic offer abounds in the men’s collection that features classic, warm and cool colors. The cheeky and irreverent Snow Melange is further enhanced by the pure dark-brown Beaver fur and occupies an important space in the range of “cool” tones, enriched by Casentino Check and Smoke.

Innovative and chic are also the keywords for the “warm” tones featured in Camel and the exclusive Amber presented in its pure form or to decorate Large Checks on a very new Blue Background; Coffee Melange and Blue Navy complete the palette with a decisive and reassuring tone.

By means of articles of clothing made of Casentino fabric for men and women, Opifici Casentinesi reinterprets the century-old tradition of this fabric. Our plan is to transform the Casentino fabric into the protagonist of a new, contemporary and metropolitan history.


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