Audacious but not impudent, lively but not showy, exuberant but never pushy. The irreverence of Casentino fabric tints says a lot about their solid personality, spontaneous by nature, just like the mistake that gave rise to them.
This is the only way in which we can explain and tell you about the character of the green and orange colours that have marked the identity of the Casentino fabric for more than one century: colours that challenge the ordinary. Colours that transgress, without twisting or rejecting tradition.
Because after all, it is their past what makes them assured, what gives them the ability to “transform culture into style”.
Like all the most successful inventions, the colours of the Casentino fabric were born by chance and due to ingenuous lack of experience, the secret ingredient that will make them recognisable over time. That peculiar Casentino orange that the ladies from Florence immediately liked was actually the result of an “incorrect” combination: the combination of rock alum with chemical colourants that – according to the intentions of the person who made the experiment – should have resulted in red.


A mistake that Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini found likeable, which has dressed with character cultured pages of Italian history, and which is still able to remain present nowadays with original and innovative taste, just like the coats made of Casentino fabric. Bright and irreverent colours that go beyond the unconventionality of crazes and which have been outlining, for more than one hundred years, the fragile but palpable borderline between a strong personality, characterised by taste and style, and transgression as an end in itself.
The must-have garments of Opifici Casentinesi are respectful of history and export this expression of Italian excellence, by means of a range of tints that does not neglect the sobriety of black, grey, burgundy or muddy green, but which finds full expression in Casentino orange and green or in ruby red.

By means of articles of clothing made of Casentino fabric for men and women, Opifici Casentinesi reinterprets the century-old tradition of this fabric. Our plan is to transform the Casentino fabric into the protagonist of a new, contemporary and metropolitan history.


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