About Us

“Can tradition become innovation? Can a manufacturing process that has been passed down over history create something original and new?
That is precisely our plan: to turn the centuries-old tradition of the Casentino fabric into something contemporary.
To bring in to the frenzy of cities a fabric characterised by a DNA made up of the slow rhythms of the valley. To make people live the Casentino fabric in articles of clothing for men and for women with metropolitan taste”.

Opifici Casentinesi was born as a result of the willingness to give new life to the historic Casentino fabric, a project desired by Giorgio Permunian and Milena Motta, and executed together with Francesco Occhiolini.  To make the Casentino fabric clothing become the protagonist of a new, current, urban history.

Francesco, owner of Casentino Lane, knows perfectly well the art of spinning and weaving the Casentino fabric. Giorgio defines the strategy and pours into the company his experience as a professional in the world of fashion. Milena, designer, completes this mix of innovation and tradition, interpreting the OC spirit with her creations.
By means of OC Casentino fabric articles of clothing, we reinterpret the fabric and make it protagonist of a new, current history moving across the space and time of a territory that constitutes its origin and of a city that constitutes its experiences.

If we were asked to describe one of our garments, such as a Casentino fabric coat for instance, we would do that as if we were introducing a person. Because in each of the garments manufactured by OC there is a soul. The OC spirit lives in each of our garments.

OC is 40% innovation and transformation
OC is 40% style and culture
OC is 20% tradition and territory
OC is 100% Made in Italy.

By means of articles of clothing made of Casentino fabric for men and women, Opifici Casentinesi reinterprets the century-old tradition of this fabric. Our plan is to transform the Casentino fabric into the protagonist of a new, contemporary and metropolitan history.


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